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Welcome to Children and Fathers Together

Thank you for coming to Children and Fathers Together. We are a web-based organization dedicated to sharing information on the rights and responsibilities of fathers. Whether you are married, divorced, a single parent, a part time parent, or a father who has been denied the right to be a dad, the bottom line is what is best for your children.

We are not about choosing sides. We are however about putting differences aside for the betterment of our children. We may not have been the best husbands or boy friends but it should have no bearing on our abilities to be a good parent. Children and Fathers Together is about change, changing the hearts and minds of those who hold little regards to a fathers role in the rearing of his children.

We believe there is a real bias in the courts today. A father should not have to go to court an average of 9 times and spend thousands of dollars just to get minimal visitation with his children. Fathers all over live with denied access, restraining orders, allegations of abuse, and child support payments that average 38% of there gross pay. These examples are only a few of the issues that we face daily.

Children and Fathers Together was founded in February of 2000 out of frustration and desire. Frustration over a series of court battles lost, lack of resources for alienated fathers, and the desire to make a difference. Since February countless hours have been spent on research and development of Children and Fathers Together. We continue to expand, helping hundreds of fathers along the way.

What do we offer? We offer links to attorneys, news groups (both media and print), membership, links to other great fathers rights pages, support including monthly meetings, an on line book store, and a forum to share your views. Furthermore, we offer the father of the year award. This award is given to one father every year for his dedication in fighting for his children, and so much more.

Children and Fathers Together has many future plans. First, we are planning to hold live chats online. It's format will be structured so that it will be a place to share views and information. We hope to have in place an attorney to answer legal questions. We are also planning a weekend retreat for alienated fathers. Please feel free to email us if you are interested in any of these activities, or if you have any suggestions on how we may serve you better.

Children and Fathers Together invites our visitors to share their stories, suggestions, and comments. We strongly advocate the use of our forum or feel free to email us directly

Children and Fathers Together is a free service. However, if you have a specific question requiring us to do a search we hold the right to ask for a donation for our service. All money collected will be used for the expansion of Children and Fathers Together. If you wish to send a donation in any amount. It would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Again we would like to thank you for visiting to us. It is our sincere hope that you will gain the strength, courage, and the knowledge to stand up and fight for your rights to be a father and hero to the people who need you most (your children). Take care and God bless you as you fight for your children and please remember " not only do we need our children but our children need us"

Thank you for visiting,

Sir Reginald Stevens Smith, Reverend
President and Founder

Disclaimer: Children and Fathers Together does not employ attorneys. This site is strictly for educational purposes only. Our opinion is based on experience only. The law varies from state to state. Though we research the sites listed we can not be responsible for their content. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns that you may have.

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